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This article focuses on the problem of radiocarbon reservoir effects in pottery dating.

Plants and animals from the sea, lakes and rivers can have radiocarbon ages which are hundreds to thousands of years older than the "true age" of these samples.

The results from the experiments will be compared to the archaeological record.

I will discuss the implications of the experimental studies for radiocarbon dating of archaeological pottery, and for studies of style and function of ceramics.

Pottery was an every-day product, produced in great amounts and for various purposes, from storage over food preparation to burial and rituals.

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Radiocarbon dating is a well-established method for absolute age determination, but may be problematic in the case of pottery: often associated finds are dated, which can give incorrect ages in case of redeposition of finds or unclear stratigraphy.

In case those resources were prepared in the pottery, their reservoir effect is transferred to the food residues on the sherds [5]. EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES ON ERTEB0LLE POTTERY: FOOD PREPARATION AND RADIOCARBON DATING © 2015 Bente Philippsen, Ph. Aarhus AMS Centre, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University Abstract.

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