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02-Dec-2018 07:09

The Olmsted Falls City School district prides itself on outstanding academic programs.Olmsted Falls is also home to Evergreen Packaging an international packaging company since 1954.White settlers discovered the falls around 1820, not long after arriving in Minnesota.Minnehaha Falls are very close to the Mississippi River, and only a couple of miles from Fort Snelling, one of the first places inhabited by settlers in the region.Jenkins Place is now located in the Olmsted Falls municipal campus.This state of the art senior center will soon be the envy of the region.Quality of life issues shape our goals and policy initiatives as we look to continuously improve our city and community.Please feel free to call me at (440) 235-5550 with any concerns you may have, or just to say hello.

At City Hall, we are very proud of our community and strive to provide superior customer service.

The Mayoral & Council form is a system of local government that combines the strong political leadership of elected officials and the Mayor serves as Chief Executive Officer of the City, Safety Director and the Economic Development Director for the city.