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The exact reasons for why he chose this order are unknown, but there are reasons to think that he hoped the Franciscans would support his scholarly interests.

After all, the Oxford Franciscans had attracted prominent scholars such as Robert Grosseteste (d. The beginning of the 1260s found Bacon again in Paris.

In many cases, his ideas betray him as a child of his time, and yet his thinking was well in advance of his contemporaries.

Bacon is noteworthy for being one of the West's first commentators and lecturers on Aristotle's philosophy and science.

Between 12, he was supposedly condemned to house arrest by the Franciscans’ Master General Jerome of Ascoli.

The charge against him was that some of his doctrines contained “certain suspected novelties.” What these novelties were—whether relating to his teachings on alchemy, astronomy, experimental science, or his radical spiritual leanings—cannot be determined with precision (Easton, 1952, 192-202).

He probably resigned from his post as Regent Master of Arts in Paris in 1247 and returned to Oxford.

After this time, Bacon does not seem to have ever held academic office again.

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A conspicuous feature of his philosophical outlook was his emphasis on the utility and practicality of all scientific efforts.First he attended the University of Oxford and then the University of Paris.He probably earned his Master of Arts around 1240 and continued his career as a lecturer in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Paris throughout the 1240s.The reform program suggested by Bacon was very extensive and encompassed the study of languages, mathematics, the natural sciences, moral philosophy, and theology.

The circumstances under which Bacon composed these works are well documented in his own statements.He has been called (wonderful teacher) and described variously as a rebel, traditionalist, reactionary, martyr to scientific progress, and the first modern scientist. Since Bacon’s personal report is ambiguous, his biographical data as well as the chronology of his education and career are still a matter of dispute among scholars.

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