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Thus, as new restrictions governing registrants are continuously adapted into the penal code they are applied retroactively to the entirety of the registry.Current prohibitions against registrants in California vary slightly from city to city, but include not being permitted to live within 2,000 feet of a school, park, nursery or church; obtain a contractor's license; practice medicine or law; foster a child.She woke up to a chaotic and confusing scene: her 12-year-old neighbor straddling and fondling her body, as his father stood there shouting before he grabbed the phone to call the cops.But the day I meet Emily that once-enraged father, Wayne, has accompanied her on her first trip to the legislative halls of Sacramento.Prescott's research indicates that current notification and registration laws may actually increase the likelihood of reoffense by imposing financial, social and psychological barriers on released sex offenders. I would keep my blinds shut, I didn't answer my door.Prescott explained why he was initially attracted to researching this area of law: “Before, with my sons—who are now 16 and 13—I went to back-to-school night, soccer games, baseball games, everything. Anytime somebody drove really slow on my street my heart would freeze.” While the laws continued to batter Emily into further seclusion, an advocacy group approached her.

San Francisco Assemblyman, Tom Ammiano, had made his second attempt to introduce legislation that would implement a tiered registry.

Under his proposal, a convicted sex offender would be required to register for periods of 10, 20, or for some, a lifetime, depending on the severity of the offense.

The bill, AB 702, was conservative by any measure: it would have brought California in line with 46 other states, by CARSOL's calculations saved the state around million annually by paring down the bulky directory, and still placed even mild 290 offenders like Emily in the second tier.

She speaks in a muted voice: “I am on the 290 registry, I have been for 14 years.

Before that, I had never been in trouble, not even a traffic ticket.”Emily tells her story rapidly and repentantly: one night when she was 32 years old, she was drinking heavily and blacked out.

Far below the public's radar is a constant stream of new legislation affecting sex offenders.