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The significance of this phenomenon to molecular biology and the origin of life is that stereoisomers, molecules of identical but mirror image structure, possess such “optical activity”.For example, in the case of the stereoisomers of the amino acid alanine shown above, L-alanine will rotate the plane of polarised light in the opposite direction to Dalanine.

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The source of the ferrous iron was hydrothermal vents in the company of reducing gases such as hydrogen sulphide (Hfixation.The cat really will be put among the pigeons, however, if [further] fossil discoveries extend the eukaryote record back much beyond 2200 million years ago, into what is still widely perceived to have been an essentially anaerobic world.” A number of revised textbooks on molecular biology came out in 1994–1995 which, while conveying the standard arguments for origin-of-life hypotheses, are cautious in their affirmation.