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16-Mar-2019 21:52

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Allowing players to purchase such sophisticated stock as the Break Wind emote and the “lel so edgy and le cool ~XD” Revolutionary Mask and Hat, this store sells a variety of junk.

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Sure, the players who spend their time enjoying cosmetic items, socializing, and house parties in world 31 have a right to do so, but why exactly is Jagex catering to them?

It’s a waste of space in the chatbox and should only be a meaningless diversion when mousing over a character or right clicking on him. Private Chat Ad Spammers I normally play with my private chat set to friends.

When I need to appear online, without skipping a beat, two or three bots will immediately message me the details of their scam website’s gold prices.

But just why is this microtransaction store named after “Solomon?

” Is it perhaps an allusion to the son of King David from the Hebrew Scriptures, the very one whose greed and power deluded him into thinking he was above the law, ultimately leading to his downfall and the division of his kingdom? However, if that is the case, I’ll make an allusion of my own: “But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth.” (James ) 3.

This obviously isn’t the case as I always receive a pop up advertisement alerting me of the most recent promotion on the squeal of fortune.

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