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The United States presidential election of 2000 was the 54th quadrennial presidential election. Incumbent Democratic President Bill Clinton was not eligible to serve a third term due to term limits in the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution, and Vice President Gore was able to secure the Democratic nomination with relative ease. Bush, the incumbent governor of Texas and son of former president George H. Bush, narrowly defeated the Democratic candidate Al Gore, the incumbent vice president and former Tennessee senator, as well as various third-party candidates including Ralph Nader.President Bill Clinton, a Democrat and former Governor of Arkansas, was ineligible to seek reelection to a third term due to restrictions of the Twenty-second Amendment.In accordance with Section I of the Twentieth Amendment, his term expired at noon EST on January 20, 2001.That left Bush, John Mc Cain, Alan Keyes, Steve Forbes, Gary Bauer, and Orrin Hatch as the only candidates still in the race.On January 24, Bush won the Iowa caucus with 41% of the vote. Keyes received 14%, Bauer 9%, Mc Cain 5%, and Hatch 1%. On the national stage, Bush was portrayed in the media as the establishment candidate.Both major party candidates focused primarily on domestic issues, such as the budget, tax relief, and reforms for federal social insurance programs, although foreign policy was not ignored.

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Based on the review of these ballots, their results indicated that Bush would have won if certain recounting methods had been used (including the one favored by Gore at the time of the Supreme Court decision), but that Gore might have won under other standards and scenarios.

These included Elizabeth Dole, Dan Quayle, Lamar Alexander, and Bob Smith.

Pat Buchanan dropped out to run for the Reform Party nomination.

Bush was seen as the early favorite for the Republican nomination and, despite a contentious primary battle with Senator John Mc Cain and other candidates, secured the nomination by Super Tuesday.

Bush chose former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney as his running mate, while Gore chose Senator Joe Lieberman as his.The focus of his campaign was a plan to spend the record-breaking budget surplus on a variety of social welfare programs to help the poor and the middle-class, along with campaign finance reform and gun control.