Speed dating experience philippines

16-May-2019 23:27

But I'm done grieving now and in line with my theme for this year of making things happen, I am now blogging through my i Phone (find a way! Telu Events and Oz Bar will hold a Speed Dating Event on Valentines Night, February 14, 2015.

During this event, participants had the chance to date not one, not two, but With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of couples are now planning their activities.

We've been seeing a lot of choices already and it's a bit frustrating to have to choose among the various romantic dinner shows and concerts that seems to be all good.

I would love to be part of a show where my partner and I would swoon in delight while we get serenaded by our favorite singers. Hearts and arrows is not limited to the love month of February, right?

CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE LISTJust because you're single now doesn't mean you always will be.

enter speed dating, which may just be your ticket to finding that special one. Read more here I'm betting a lot of couples are now busy looking for the most romantic date this coming season of the hearts.Telu Events believes cupid can go shooting even on a rainy month like August so they’re hosting their third speed dating event this coming August 09, 2014 entitled “Speed Dating: From Siam with Love.” READ MORE HEREThai Iced Tea, delicious pasta, and rice cakes were all distractions to the mindset of me dating almost a dozen women in one night.