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The Promotion and Layout We made a variety of small and large posters and hung them in the English Hallways.

Announcements littered the airwaves each week and curious students examined the display case outside the library. After a quick trip to the store to secure candy hearts, streamers, and red plastic table cloths, I recruited a crew of students to yank books and organize them by genre tables.

Kirr’s Genius Hour Blogspot, and mrsreaderpants for the book speed dating resources provided on their blogs.

The Definition and the Plan Book Speed Dating, as a program, provides readers with multiple rounds of five minutes each to explore and read from a selection of books in a variety of genres.

The Hold Shelf quickly filled as students explored genres that were new to them and took the time to revisit a few favorites.

They nibbled on candy hearts that had been tucked under the cover of a well-loved copy of .

Two days each week, our students have 90-minute block classes.

During these block days, the English Language Arts students have choice reading time so offering Book Speed Dating on these days seemed like a good match to me.

Round after round of speed dating yielded both rejected books as well as “the chosen” pick. Reflections on a Good Day Rarely do students send thank you notes or bolt to the circulation desk to check out a book! I felt as satisfied as if I had just finished a long awaited novel myself. The students were engaged in books and even if they abandoned a title, each had tried something new. Bring your “brick wall” research questions and you will have an opportunity to ask an expert.

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You will only have a limited time for each question.

Nach 20 Minuten wird gewechselt – musikalisch untermalt von Martin Spengler & den foischn Wienern.