Updating customer records forms

15-Feb-2019 18:46

Procedure: Complete the form carefully, making sure to select the appropriate major/minor/certificate codes.

If one or more of your programs requires departmental approval (these programs are listed on the form), obtain the appropriate signatures before submitting.

With the Salesforce Report data source, ensure field and office teams have customer information at their fingertips.

Populate forms with data in the Salesforce Report so the most up to date customer requests or requirements are communicated to customer-facing employees, creating more thorough customer interactions.

What's New Table Of Contents Credits Netiquette 10 Commandments Bugs Tables Queries Forms Reports Modules APIs Strings Date/Time General Downloads Resources Search Feedback In Memoriam Terms of Use (Q) When I change database data through code, how do I ensure that all open data-bound forms display the latest values?

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' Public Sub Update All Open Forms(By Val str Form Name As String) Const cstr Proc Name As String = mcstr Module Name & "Update All Open Forms" Dim frm As Form Dim rs As Recordset Dim fld As Field Dim lng Formcount As Long Dim i As Long Dim str Criteria As String Dim varr() As Variant Const con Design View As Long = 0 ' Ignore any errors... Form Name con Design View Then str Criteria = vb Null String Set rs = .

Keep records of all customer interactions in one place by creating and/or updating multiple objects automatically with a single form submission.

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