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ISSUE: Unless a DSS service-level agreement has been formally drawn up, it is impossible to measure whether performance objectives are being met.

The DSS service-level agreement should cover both DSS performance levels and downtime.

In Chapter 10, 'A Data Warehouse Design Review Checklist,' Inmon explains in detail how a proper review can make or break your data warehouse.

Inmon book "Building the Data Warehouse," courtesy of Wiley.

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Has a DSS service-level agreement been drawn up either formally or informally?

How will the extract processing identify changes to the operational data from the last time an extract process was run?

ISSUE: The frequency of extract processing is an issue because of the resources required in refreshment, the complexity of refreshment processing, and the need to refresh data on a timely basis.

The usefulness of data warehouse data is often related to how often the data warehouse data is refreshed.

One of the most complex issues — from a technical perspective — is determining what data is to be scanned for extract processing.In some cases, the operational data that needs to pass from one environment to the next is straightforward.