When did diana degarmo and ace young start dating

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[know what she's going to do, which keeps everyone on their toes. But this song is a huge moment for her, maturity-wise. This will be the first time I will sing on the show in my real voice, rather than in Angelina's Jersey-girl voice.

TV Guide Magazine: Does this mean Angelina's speaking voice will also be evolving?

She's coming to realize that she needs to get rid of her selfish ways.

She doesn't know how to go about that like a normal person, so she does it through song.

Plus, we're the only two who are actually working together and been successful at it.

We've been writing songs for two years — stuff for each other, and for friends and other artists — and now we've tailored this song specifically for my character on .

Devon [the music producer played by Bryton James] writes "Good Goodbye" for her, but Angelina of course steps in to add her two cents to the music and lyrics.

But she actually makes the song more personal and touching.

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Young: You have to be super cautious, especially of the people around you.When everything stays healthy, it’s a joyful experience for everyone.